• This is an archive of the old NEBC site from www.mahaveerfabrics.com and is no longer updated. For new information regarding NERC Environmental Omics and the Bio-Linux system please see the EOS site at http://environmentalomics.org.         This is an archive of the old NEBC site from www.mahaveerfabrics.com and is no longer updated. For new information regarding NERC Environmental Omics and the Bio-Linux system please see the EOS site at sub 网络加速器ios.

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    Ongoing NEBC activities, including the development of Bio-Linux, are being moved into the new EOS programme. Once the current material from this website has been moved into EOS, this NEBC site will remain on-line as an archive.
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    Bio-Linux 7 packs a wealth of bioinformatics tools, scientific software and documentation into a powerful and user-friendly 64-bit Ubuntu Linux system. Galaxy server is now included in the default installation.
    Download Bio-Linux today and turn your PC into a powerful workstation in minutes.

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    The Terminizer is a web-based tool that detects ontological terms in pieces of text such as publications and experimental annotations. Using ontologies to mark-up text can enhance the discovery and integration of digital scientific media.

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    Do you want to easily compare your freshwater data against data derived from other types of aquatic environment? In collaboration with the Environment Ontology Consortium, the NEBC is developing infrastructure to support comparisons across all sorts of related environmental parameters.

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    The NEBC is the home of the NBAF-Wallingford, a node of the NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility. This bioinformatics facility provides a variety of bioinformatics services for NERC researchers. Check out http://nbaf.nerc.ac.uk for further information on how to access NBAF.

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    NEBC supports the sub网络加速器最新版

    The Bioinformatics Testing Consortium btc_logoaims to improve the quality of free bioinformatics software through proper testing and QA.  NEBC developers will contribute to the BTC and distribute BTC-validated software on Bio-Linux.

    SUB加速器免费 published

    The first paper on Cloud BioLinux, developed as a community project in collaboration with JCVI and Harvard School of Public Health, has appeared in BMC Bioinformatics.

    New ISA data sharing site launched


    NEBC has launched a new data sharing system based on the ISA software suite, funded by BBSRC/NERC.
    The system, including an annotation tool and a database, holds environmental 'omic data in standards-compliant format.

    Our BII instance can be found at http://bii.nwl.ac.uk.  Ongoing development will customise the site for the needs of NERC users and integrate the standards-compliant ISA infrastructure with EnvBase[Main NEBC ISA page]

    Past highlights


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    VirtualBox Image
    Dec 23rd, 2013

    Bio-Linux VirtualBox image available for quick installation on the free VirtualBox VM system.



    User Guide Translation
    July 25th, 2013

    Bio-Linux documentation now available in Serbo-Croatian.



    首届世界5G大会在北京举行 各类“黑科技”扎堆亮相_央广网 ...:2021-11-21 · “这是国内首颗5G NR Sub-6GHz n77滤波器芯片,仅1.6×0.8毫米,工作频率在3.3—4.2GHz之间,带宽高达900MHz,远超出传统声波滤波器技术的适用范围。
    July 23rd, 2013

    First International Environmental 'Omics Synthesis conference features Bio-Linux workshop among others.



    More Bio-Linux courses for 2012
    Apr 24th, 2012

    一加 8 系列新品正式发布 肉眼可见的出类拔萃-千龙网·中国 ...:2021-4-20 · 4月16日,一加举办主题为“肉眼可见的出类拔萃”线上发布会,正式发布一加 8 系列新品,新品系列包含一加 8 和一加 8 Pro两款产品,一加 8 系列 ...



    Bioinformatician post

    We are recruiting for a new bioinformatician to join the NEBC group at CEH Wallingford. This is an open-ended position; applications close 3th April.



    Bio-Linux now mirrored at ibiblio
    July 11th, 2011

    Bio-Linux ISO downloads and package repository are now mirrored by ibiblio, hopefully providing faster downloads for users outside Europe.



    Bioinformatician post at CEH
    May 9th, 2011

    Applications close for this new role on the 3rd July.



    Dr. Mesude Bicak joins NEBC
    February 22, 2011

    Dr. Mesude Bicak recently completed a PhD in computational biology at The University of Sheffield. She will be performing bioinformatics analysis work as part of NBAF-W.




    Bio-Linux course notes

    New to Linux or Bio-Linux? Check out our Introduction to Bio-Linux course. It covers the basics of working on the Bio-Linux system, including different ways to access and use the bioinformatics software on the system.


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    NGS Innovation Forum '09
    October 21-22, 2009

    This two day event will showcase the impact that the National Grid Service (NGS) has had on research in the UK. For more information see the sub网络加速器下载

    RExcel course
    February 16-17, 2009

    Statconn is presenting a RExcel course in Austria. Further details at RExcel website. Bela Tiwari from NEBC will be attending this course.

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    “5G+折叠屏”燃爆 手机厂商MWC上各出新招_中国江苏网 ...:2021-2-28 · 当地时间2月25日,世界移动通信大会( MWC )在西班牙巴塞罗那开幕。华为、中兴、三星等手机厂商在会上展示了最新款的5G及折叠屏手机。媒体记者注意到, MWC期间,多家公司也携自家的折叠屏产品出现,誓与三星等比高。
    February 17-18, 2009

    The purpose of the workshop is introduce the developing NERC Science Information Strategy and to consider the key areas where NERC data centres should work more closely together in order to deliver NERC’s strategic objectives.

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    NEBC works to enable environmental research in the molecular age. Technology is revolutionising environmental science. From remote sensing devices to high-throughput molecular technologies, we are witnessing an unprecedented explosion of data, some of which will be used to address pressing environmental challenges. The NEBC uses various approaches to provide new discovery, interoperability and integration opportunities for environmental scientists, including the development of tools, databases, standard and ontologies.

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