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      Compile and run source code inside your application.

      Sphere Engine Compilers allows for remote code execution, retrieving and displaying its results. We support 80+ programming languages and many industry-standard libraries.


      Sphere Engine Problems

      Set up programming problems and assess the coding skills of your users.

      Create, manage, and display programming problems inside your software application. Sphere Engine Problems saves your time, money, and automates tracking the progress of your end users.

      Sphere Engine IDE Beta

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      Illustration of a developer feeling at ease with a lot of programming technology logos surrounding him
      What's included


      User-friendly Challenge Management System for creating and testing programming problems

      Examples of programming challenges

      Powerful and detailed performance reports 
and real-time rankings

      Ability to create fully customized testing and ranking formulas with numerous test cases

      Secure infrastructure with support and maintenance

      Unique know-how of our team and detailed documentation for developers



      With 24/7 support, SLA, custom feature development, a dedicated infrastructure as well as an on-premise solution, Sphere Engine is a single service to run recruitment, assessment, and e-learning projects at scale and save your money. Secure by design.

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