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Create an academic website without any hassle of coding, buying a domain, or hosting the website. You’ll have a website in a matter of minutes. You can focus on putting good content on your website and get back on doing your research.


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Academic websites have a bad rap for being ugly. Owlstown has a set of designs made with academics in mind, which takes out the guesswork out of designing a professional-looking website.


Organize your academic content, achievements, and present yourself to your academic community. Your academic website is a one-stop information node for your academic work.



I've found Owlstown especially useful for maintaining my academic activities in a time efficient manner. It's a lot easier to go into Owlstown and update content, add new projects, update courses, etc. than digging through a 10-page HTML file.

Iris Howley
Professor, Williams College
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Owlstown is tailored towards faculty websites making it quick to get my website up and running and easy to maintain a professional look and feel.

Erin Walker
Professor, University of Pittsburgh
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Owlstown is an easy, fast service to create personal academic websites. In less than an hour, I could make the first version of my website without any hassle for buying a domain, hosting the website, or coding.


Fateme Rajabiyazdi
Postdoc, McGill University
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I'm so pleased to have found Owlstown! It requires zero coding skills. It knows what academics need--so I haven't had to try to "squeeze" my academic profile into a template that doesn't fit.

Melody Waring
Ph.D. Student, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Owlstown is a project by Ian Li. He loves building web applications and designing user experiences. He also enjoys drawing, watching movies, and eating spicy foods. He lives in California with his wife and daughter.