If foot and mouth disease (FMD), classical swine fever (CSF), or African swine fever (ASF) is found in United States livestock, Regulatory Officials will limit the movement of animals and animal products to try and control the spread of these very contagious animal diseases.

FMD, CSF, and ASF are not public health or food safety concerns. Meat will still be safe to eat.

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  • Limit exposure of their animals through enhanced biosecurity,
  • Move animals to processing or another pork production premises under a movement permit issued by Regulatory Officials, and
  • Maintain business continuity for the swine industry, including producers, haulers, and packers during an FMD, CSF, and ASF outbreak.

Read the SPS Plan! 
SPS Booklet | 7-page SPS Plan | 2-page SPS Plan Summary | 1-page SPS Handout (English) | 1-page SPS Handout (Spanish)


Learn more about the diseases in the SPS Plan! 

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