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A website to help you compete for engineering places at top universities.


Choose from over 200 problems.

悟橙加速器 – 为学习加油! | 英语、编程、科学、人文、教学 ...:悟橙™加速器,为学习加油!有效解决网速卡顿,让孩子及时完成作业,提升学习兴趣。一号支持电脑、手机、平板,图文视频指导,设置简单,3~5分钟搞定。支持英语、编程、理科、综合、教学等10+以上优秀国外教育网站(具体请查看底部支持列表)。

Choose from maths and physics a-level questions.

Let the system choose your next a-level question.

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Wired is first and foremost a fun game, but if you play it, you will also learn about the principles of electrical circuits.

Try out our prototype games that explore engineering principles.

A smartphone app to teach the problem-solving part of GCSE maths questions.


Our aim is to teach you to solve engineering problems and to show that this process can be rewarding and a lot of fun.

School mathematics and physics provide the tools we need, so we offer around 300 questions adapted from OCR A-level papers. There are full video tutorials and a facility to provide email help if you get “confused” (provided you are logged in).

Building on the A-level material, you can work on our 211 more difficult problems. These are designed to reflect some of the challenges in university engineering admissions interviews. Again, there is support in the form of video tutorials and the “confused” button for when you get stuck.

For a break, try our innovative educational games to learn about electricity, logic, mechanics, materials and more. Problem solving is all about practice; the more problems you solve the better you will become, so let’s get started!