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Absence Reporting

If you think your child would be absent, please call the main office at (925) 682-8000 ext. 86203

School Office Closed

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welcome to walnut acres elementary


Welcome to Walnut Acres. We are a dynamic learning community focused on preparing our children for leadership and success in the 21st Century. We have high expectations for all learners and we are working to promote content mastery aligned to standards, as well as creativity, critical thinking, communication, global citizenship, and collaboration. Our formative assessment practices support targeted instruction and differentiation, while our instructional strategies provide meaningful learning experiences. A rich performing arts and fine arts program as well as physical education and hands-on science learning opportunities complement our strong academic program.Our Character Counts program provides guiding principles to support our students’ social and emotional development. Walnut Acres is a dynamic communitGarden - D Wingy of talented, eager learners, dedicated, creative staff, and active, supportive families. The success of our school is a testimony to our shared vision and our united commitment to support our children to become the best that they can be. Collaboratively, we help to make Walnut Acres a wonderful place to learn and grow.

Not Returning in the Fall?

If you will NOT be rejoining us at Walnut Acres for the 2020-21 school year, or you will be new to Walnut Acres but have decided not to attend, please let us know by completing and submitting the linked FORM as soon as possible. Your courtesy will allow us to better predict and accurately plan for attendance needs in the new school year.

2020-21 Non-Return/Drop Form


For new students enrolling into MDUSD during the "shelter in place" orders please do the following:

1. FIND your school of residence

2. REVIEW required documents for registration

3. COMPLETE online enrollment using AIR. Save a copy to your device.

4. SCAN and email online enrollment and all required documents to 下载免费云帆 (Galen Ryan, Office Manager at Walnut Acres)

5. Galen will contact you after reviewing your documents

Medical clearance is required if you if you have recently arrived from a Level Three country. Click here to go to the CDC web site.



Office Staff
Contact Lang Luong  Lang Luong Principal
Contact Galen Ryan  Galen Ryan Office Manager