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To help you find the right puppy, browse available dog breeds here. You can search by breed, view breed photos, or take a quiz to find your perfect breed match.

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First, browse our selection of puppies to find the puppy that is right for you.

Step 2 - Talk to the Breeder about the puppy.


Then talk to the breeder and let them know you are interested.

Step 3 - Bring Home Your Perfect Puppy


Next, it's time to bring home your perfect puppy match.



Congrats! Happiness is yours as you begin bonding with your puppy.


Puppy Finder By Size

To be happy with your puppy long-term, it’s important to first clarify your perfect puppy size.

The first thing to consider before finding your perfect puppy match is size. Imagine if your cute little pup grows into a giant who constantly jumps on your children. Not every puppy is guaranteed to stay small. As a result, consider how much doggy-goodness you are ready to welcome into your home. Do you prefer a small lap dog, a towering canine giant, or something in between? Here you can browse available puppies by size and find the size just right for you.

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Where do you currently live?

How big is your current residence?

If you have a backyard, how big is it?

What do you like to do on the weekends?

Do you want your dog to act like a guard dog?

How much time will you be able to dedicate to training your dog?

How much time can you dedicate to your dog’s grooming?

How much money do you plan on spending for your dog each month?

Do you plan on traveling with your dog?

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Do you have small children at home?

What Size Dog Breed Is Best For You?
Congrats! A small dog breed is best for you! Click below to see our current selection of small dog breeds for sale.
Congrats! A medium dog breed is best for you! Click below to see our current selection of medium dog breeds for sale.
Congrats! A large dog breed is best for you! Click below to see our current selection of large dog breeds for sale.
Congrats! A giant dog breed is best for you! Click below to see our current selection of giant dog breeds for sale.

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Featured Puppies


Looking for a dose of happy? Meet our newest baby pack members. These little pups are ready and waiting to bring smiles back into homes. They’re brand-new, they’re cute, and they are ready for their fur-ever puppy homes. Don’t miss these featured little puppers.

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Fetched by : VIP Puppies

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Fetched by:VIP Puppies

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Is it better to buy or adopt a puppy?

Dig below the surface, and you may be surprised. Here we talk about the perks and low-downs of both buying or adopting a puppy. We address whether or not it's wrong to buy a dog, and we look closely at the harsh realities happening through dog trafficking everyday. Learn more to make a safe and happy puppy choice today.

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Live Your Best Life!

We know how hard it is to find happiness in this fast-paced life. We've also experienced the joy that puppies bring. That's why we are passionate about connecting dog lovers with their perfect puppy match.

Remember, life is too short to live unhappy.
Find your puppy. Find your happy.

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