Welcome to Kuranda Dog Beds for Professionals! We have over 4,000 boarding kennel/doggie daycare customers and more than 10,000 shelters and rescue customers, many of whom have been buying from us for 10 years or more.


Kuranda Beds combine soft, off the floor comfort with a chew proof design proven to stand up to daily kennel use. Available in a tough, co-extruded PVC frame or our MOST durable option, the all-aluminum frame.

Video Credit: Heights Canine, Euclid, OH


Kuranda Beds have a design that does not allow a dog to get a direct bite on the fabric. We guarantee our beds will stand up to anything in your kennel for 1 year and we often have customers calling for replacement parts on beds that are seven years old or older!

Kuranda Beds are easy to clean – they can be hosed down or power washed daily and they wipe dry immediately.

Replacement parts are available – you’ll never need to buy a whole new bed to replace an older model! Most importantly, DOGS love them! They eliminate elbow calluses and relieve stress on joints!

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