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Infectious Disease

A quarter of deaths worldwide are caused by infectious organisms. As new infectious diseases are continuing to emerge in new locations around the globe, it is essential society understands the environmental, human health, and ecological impacts cause by infectious diseases. This collection provides an overview of infectious disease, including the biology, history, the future trends of widespread and harmful infections, and what we need to do individually, and as a society, to address this growing global challenge.

Coronavirus Resources

This collection is a compilation of our resources related to COVID-19. Our publications explore prevention, response, and recovery from pandemic infectious disease.

Emergency Preparedness / Disaster Management

Recent events have proven that even prepared communities can be overwhelmed in a state of state of emergency. This collection of reports provides guidelines and targeted resources for all stakeholders in a disaster response, including state and local governments, emergency medical services and health care centers. These reports also examine the improvement of emergency services in rural communities and recommends post-disaster public engagement practices.


Climate change is occurring, is caused largely by human activities, and poses significant risks for a broad range of human and natural systems. Human activities largely determine the evolution of the Earth's climate, which not only impact the next few decades, but the coming centuries and millennia. This collection emphasizes the importance of 21st century choices regarding long-term climate stabilization through improving understanding of the causes and consequences of climate change and expanding the options available to limit the magnitude of climate change.