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shadowrocket ios下载

Liberum IME is an independent medical education company that provides bespoke, innovative programmes based on the core principles of good CME practice in conjunction with expert faculty.


About us

As innovators in the rapidly evolving medical education landscape, Liberum IME continually finds creative solutions to deliver globally relevant science in the context of local practice.

Our evidence-based education is tailored to the specific needs of healthcare professional audiences, inspiring self-reflection to drive measurable practice change and improve patient care.

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shadowrocket ios下载

Appropriate education

Built on robust needs assessments that identify clinical practice gaps and educational needs, our bespoke programmes have clear learning objectives relevant to HCP practice.


We work with expert faculty to ensure our educational content is evidence-based, free of bias and meets the needs of learners.


We commit to full transparency, including disclosure of financial support received to support our programmes, and relevant disclosures of all faculty and staff involved in the development of the scientific content.


We build programmes with outcomes in mind to ensure we can measure and adapt to learner knowledge, competence and ultimately performance in clinical practice.

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Through our expert faculty offering global representation, we ensure all our content reflects the latest guidelines and cutting-edge evidence, and is relevant to real-world clinical practice.



We utilise a combination of local and international organisations to accredit our education, awarding credits that are applicable for the end user. Accreditation ensures our programmes are recognised by our audience as content trusted to be fair, balanced and of high quality.

Medical societies

We work in partnership with international medical societies to produce collaborative, educational programmes that truly meet clinical needs. Through local societies we can maximise the range and impact of education.


Practice change

We drive measurable change in clinical practice and support improvements in patient care.

shadowrocket ios下载

Our senior team includes thought leaders at the forefront of innovation in CME.

Celeste Kolanko

Managing Director

James Bannister

Senior Medical Writer

Mia Neve