Today we welcome back our great friend Mats Nermark from Sweden! Mats is a long time PreSonus user and has led the way in his area with his approach to education! Let’s hear what Mats has to say this week!
From Mats:
I have 30 guitar students per week and I realized that there’s not technical solution that allows me to play in time with the kind using Teams or similar tech. I also realized that I will not have time to tailor make 30 different lessons per week and make digital content for that. Especially since I only spend 50% of my time in the guitar department. The rest of the time, I run the Music Production courses with 24 students and they also need their teacher. So instead of making 30 different ”lesson packages”, one for each student I started thinking about making one lesson that would suit and inspire all 30 students no matter their progress and abilities.
I decided on making a lesson package consisting of the following:
  • a pdf with ”Getting Started” instructions
  • pdf sheet music with standard notation and tab
  • 加速器比较好
  • the same tune ”minus 1” to use a s a backing track (see more later)
  • a video where I explain the different steps in this particular lesson package
The solution lies in developing different steps. Steps from easy up to advanced so it can entertain and challenge all students, regardless of their level. All students start with step 1 and the progress through the steps as far as their interest and abilities can take them. The primary goal here is to keep playing fun and their musical interest alive.
月光加速器好用吗?月光加速器官网注册及使用教程 - 潘达 ...:2021-5-6 · 月光加速器的优惠活动一直比较 多,除了常规的每日签到领流量外,价格也是经常优惠打折。目前月光加速器提供三种套餐,月费套餐,半年套餐和年费套餐。 如果是个人使用的用户,那我建议你可以购买单人使用的半年卡,因为月光加速器 ...
  • 1. First I have selected a tune with a fairly simple melody that every one can play as long as they can read a tab.
  • And everybody should learn how to play simple melodies with expression and phrasing. You can’t get enough of that in my book.
  • 2. A simple strumming accompaniment
  • 3. A more advanced strumming accompaniment
  • 主要是玩大型游戏的加速器,什么加速器比较好用_百度知道:2021-4-14 · 2021-12-01 主要是玩大型游戏的加速器,什么加速器比较好用? 1 2021-12-16 玩游戏时候好用的加速器有哪些? 8 2021-02-21 大家玩游戏用的都是什么加速器啊,哪个效果最好 3 2021-09-06 玩吃鸡,什么加速器最好用 59 2021-08-21 有什么好用的加速器最好是 3
  • 最近发现一个游戏加速器,鲁大师的,太好用了!_特玩网:2 天前 · 根据小编的实际体验,用鲁大师电竞加速器加速PUBG,基本就没有再出现过服务器不稳定的问题,游戏中的人物的射击速度明显提升了许多,并且也没有出现一团战就卡顿的现象,难怪游戏大神们都喜欢开加速器。 实际操作中,鲁大师电竞加速器操作也比较

Here is an example of one lesson pack broken down! (Lesson Example Files: Click Here)

  • Step 1: For example, I selected Freight Train in C. Simple melody enough for the beginner to get around but also a good base on which to start a discussion with the advanced students about phrasing and the importance of the pause and space.
  • 黑色战队(Black Squad)加速器用哪个比较好?:2021-2-13 · 不过国内玩家玩的时候可能会遇到游戏卡顿、掉线、延迟太高的问题,作为一款射击游戏,想要做到随时精准狙击,当然需要一个稳定流畅的网络,那么小伙伴就要问了,黑色战队(Black Squad)加速器用哪个比较好? 答案当然是-熊猫加速器。
  • Step 3: I then created the backing track as a country tune which allows for some more advanced strumming.
  • 最近发现一个游戏加速器,鲁大师的,太好用了!_特玩网:2 天前 · 根据小编的实际体验,用鲁大师电竞加速器加速PUBG,基本就没有再出现过服务器不稳定的问题,游戏中的人物的射击速度明显提升了许多,并且也没有出现一团战就卡顿的现象,难怪游戏大神们都喜欢开加速器。 实际操作中,鲁大师电竞加速器操作也比较
  • 《逃离塔科夫》欧服加速器哪个好? -迅游网游加速器 ...:2021-5-12 · 这个时候需要加速器来帮助加速,那么玩《逃离塔科夫》欧服的话哪款加速器比较好呢?迅游加速器 为了让更多的玩家能够流畅游戏,不断地对加速的线路进行优化和升级,保障欧服玩家能够流畅游戏。十年品质保证的迅游加速器,独有智慧路由 ...

Thanks again to Mats for contributing! For More on Mats Nermark, Visit his website at: www.nermark.com

Interested in submitting a guest blog? Contact us at musiced@presonus.com


During the COVID-19 Epidemic, we have seen the amount of video calling rise rapidly all over the world. While some may have the ability to have a dedicated space to work or teach, for some they may need to make it work in more confined spaces with others around. Enter the powerful and useful Eris HD10BT Headphones!


First, for those looking for a little peace and quiet, the onboard Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) offers the ability to bring the background noise down a bit, giving you the freedom to keep your focus on your work, lessons, and more!

Next, with the power of Bluetooth connectivity, you won’t have any more cables to worry about amongst your work area. Just connect up with your Bluetooth enabled device, and you can speak and hear with fantastic fidelity and no mess! You can even use them as a simple solution for moving around while teaching an instrument!

Last, don’t forget the main feature of the Eris HD10BT, that fantastic PreSonus sound! Whether you need to casually listen to your favorite new hit, listen to video lessons, or mix your next hit, the Eris HD10BT has you covered!


And don’t forget, you’ve got all of this while reducing the background noise with the Active Noise Cancellation!



With the rapid shift to online learning many educators are experiencing due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, many are scrambling to get their home office set up and ready to continue teaching their students. While working from the comfort of your home can seem great, it can often present challenges that you don’t see coming! Today we’ll take a look at a few considerations on setting up your home teaching space, so you can help to provide your students the best education possible!

Whether you already have a defined office space in your home, or you are just setting one up for the first time, there’s a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Does it provide you with enough space to fit all of your essential items?
  • Is the space free of distractions to help you increase productivity?
  • If you are going to be doing video learning, does area in your background look tidy, clean, and not reveal anything you don’t want your students, administrators, or the public seeing?
  • Acoustically speaking, are you in an area that sounds fairly dry with minimal natural echo and in a quiet area of your home?

Once you’ve taken things into consideration and have chosen and refined your space, let’s next consider a couple additional factors:

  • If doing video, is your space lit in a way that brings light to your face, allowing you to be the focus and not your background?
    • Consider looking at a simple USB led light panel, or a led “ring” light if you need to brighten up things
  • Is your webcam providing good quality video, and at an angle that appears professional?
    • Consider looking at purchasing an external webcam, allowing you better quality video, and a better viewing angle. Options such as the Logitech C920 or Razer Kiyo are great options.
  • Most importantly (especially to us at PreSonus!), do you have a high quality audio solution?
    • For flexibility, simple solutions like our AudioBox USB 96 Studio Bundle or AudioBox iTwo Studio Bundle offer high quality, flexible combined audio hardware and software solutions. They include all of the cables and elements you need for capturing, editing, and listening to quality audio.

AudioBox 96 Studio Bundle

Last, let’s focus on your students!

  • Are they learning to edit audio as part of their process? If so, did you know there is a FREE resource available to them?
    • It’s Studio One Prime, the version of Studio One that always FREE, and available here: http://www.presonus.com/products/Studio-One
  • Are they getting the most from you as an educator?
    • Ask them how they are doing!
    • Ask them if your video or audio quality is meeting their needs!
    • 打游戏老是延迟掉帧,鲁大师游戏加速器能改善吗?_中华网:2 天前 · 花钱买加速器结果最新游戏不支持加速、加速效果不理想依然卡顿掉线的现象也层出不穷。 今天小编给大家推荐的这款游戏加速器,不仅有强大的技术后台支撑,加速效果也比较好,就是鲁大师电竞加速器。

Studio One Prime











For more blog content, be sure to check back here at: edu.presonus.com

Friday Find: MusicTheory.net

A longtime staple and early resource of online music education, MusicTheory.net has grown over time to allow teachers to find a myriad of simple and free teaching tools for teaching the basics of music theory. It often ranks in the top 5 online resources for music teachers, and every year sees updates to keep their content relevant to the ever changing environment. From Lesson Plans, to Tools, MusicTheory.net is a great launching pad for many educators across the globe.

A Sample of the Lessons available at MusicTheory.net


Be sure to check them out, and check back next week for another Friday Find!

Friday Find: The Rock & Roll Hall Fame’s Online Learning

Sometimes we come across cool things worth sharing, and we felt this was certainly worth sharing!


Check out the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s Education Page, features TONS of great resources for all ages. With built in search filtering for age groups and decades, an educator is sure to find some great tools for their classroom!



Do you have a cool “find” that you want us to highlight? Shoot us a message at musiced@presonus.com and we’ll check it out!

Live Streaming with an AR or ARc Mixer!

With the StudioLive AR and ARc mixers being popular with music teachers across the globe, the current shift to online streaming as a means for teaching is rapidly growing due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our friend Gregor has put together this fantastic video showing you how to put together a simple livestream utilizing OBS and a StudioLive AR or ARc Series Hybrid Mixer/Interface!


If you are a Notion 6 user or educator looking for content to use for your classes, you should totally be taking advantage of a powerful FREE resource available to you. It’s the Notion Score Library! There’s 200 public domain scores to explore, and even to perform in real time using the NTempo tapping feature!

奇游电竞加速器好用吗?详细体验告诉你好不好用_外设热点 ...:2021-1-8 · 对于现在市面上形形色色的加速器牌子,我们都在关注一个问题:什么牌子的加速器好用?效果比较 稳定? 首页 > 外设热点资讯 > 正文 奇游电竞加速器好用吗?详细体验告诉你好不好用 2021-01-08 15:35 出处:其他 作者:佚名 责任编辑 ...

  • 1. Login to your my.presonus account
  • 2. Navigate to “My Products” and Select the “Software Tab”
  • 3. Select Notion 6

  • 4. Scroll Down to “Downloads” and Select the “Misc” tab.


  • 5. Download the Notion Score Library .zip File, and Enjoy!!!

For more information on Notion 6, visit: http://www.presonus.com/products/Notion

WGI Dayton Regional 2020 Update

It’s the winter, which means WGI Indoor Marching Percussion season is in full swing! PreSonus Education Market Manager Evan Brown happened to be at the 2020 WGI Dayton Regional Finals, and was able to catch a few Independent World Class Ensembles with their PreSonus equipment in action!

十大加速器排名, one of the newest ensembles to be rocking PreSonus gear, showed off their 2020 program, “All I Ever Wanted”, which featured the music of the very popular Billie Eilish. Inov8’s setup consisted of ULT10, ULT15, and ULT18 Loudspeakers coupled with a StudioLive 32R Rack mixer.十大加速器排名



Veritas Percussion performed their unique 2020 Program, “The Art of This”, utilizing their wall to wall setup of ULT15 & ULT18 Loudspeakers, and a duo of StudioLive 32R and 24R Rack Mixers.


Perennial Finalist Cap City Percussion from Columbus, Ohio brought their innovative 2020 program, “On the Outside Looking In”, making great use of their massive ULT10, ULT15, and ULT18 Speaker Setup, coupled with a StudioLive 32SX Mixing Console.


Last, Regional Independent World Champion, and longtime PreSonus users 十大加速器排名 from Nashville, Tennessee brought their CDL speaker rig to play with their 2020 Program: “SOL”.

PreSonus remains a dominant force in the marching arts, stay tuned here to the blog for more WGI 2020 coverage feature a wide range of ensembles using PreSonus!

Hamel Music Center & StudioLive!

Situated in Downtown Madison, Wisconsin, the Hamel Music Center is a new and vibrant addition to the Mead Witter School of Music at the University of Wisconsin Madison. This beautiful new space contains state of the art performance and production spaces to show case not only the University’s events, but also plays host to outside events.


With the help of our friends from Full Compass Systems, PreSonus stepped in to help outfit this space with 2 StudioLive Series III mixing consoles, a StudioLive 32 at Front of House, and a StudioLive 24 in the venues recital hall space. Coupled with a series of NSB Network Stageboxes, the Hamel Music Center has a flexible solution that is adaptable for their needs. We hear from facilities manager Brian Heller about what made StudioLive the ultimate fit for their facility.


For More Information of the Hamel Music Center, Click 十大加速器排名.

5 Things to Love about the StudioLive ARc Hybrid Mixer/Audio Interfaces

Here’s at PreSonus, we love creating possibilities. Speaking of possibilities, the recently updated StudioLive ARc series of Hybrid Mixer/Audio Interfaces pack tons of useful features for educational spaces! Whether its the 十大加速器排名, the studio, or the field, there is a StudioLive ARc for every use case!