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The Learning Skills Support Program (LSSP) was created by the Office of the Provost and The Learning Center (TLC) at Mississippi State University (MSU) to provide academic assistance to those students who have been placed on academic suspension. This program is offered to suspended students who petition to stay in school and improve their academic performance. It provides an alternative to the university policy which traditionally has required suspended students to stay out of school for one academic semester.  


The LSSP is designed to improve the progress of this population of students by specifically focusing on the individual obstacles to their academic success.  The LSSP at Mississippi State University is structured to provide students with enhanced advising and with the study skills to facilitate better study habits and increase performance and success in college. As participants in the LSSP, students must fulfill the following four main obligations:

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  2. meet with their academic advisors twice a semester;
  3. complete the specified section of LSK 1033: Fundamentals of Achievement (3-credit hour) course; and
  4. maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher for the semester in which they are enrolled in the program in compliance with AOP 12.16.

The LSSP was first made available to students who were suspended at the end of spring 2005 and implemented in fall 2005.