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Welcome to the 2nd ACM International Conference on Multimedia in Asia.

The ACM Multimedia Asia, puts together the long-lasting experience of former PCM and ICIMCS, which both have good history as well as attending experiences. It is a newly established international conference to showcase the scientific achievements and industrial innovations in the multimedia field. Its mission is to illuminate the state of the art in multimedia computing by bringing together researchers and practitioners in this field. In 2020, ACM Multimedia Asia will be held in Singapore with an extensive program that includes technical sessions covering all aspects of the multimedia field in forms of oral and poster presentations, tutorials, panels, demonstrations, workshops, doctoral symposium and grand challenge competitions.

Theme: Engaging Users with Multimedia

  • 手机怎么翻ins墙
  • Multimedia search and recommendations
  • 怎么上Instagram,怎么注册Instagram账号_weixin ...:2021-5-20 · instagram是一款可以在iOS和安卓上运行的手机应用,通过instagram您可以分享有趣的照片,将照片分享给您的好友,Instagram在全世界有数以亿计的喜爱者,他们在这里分享自己的生活,截至目前为止月活跃用户数已经超过10亿,不过目前很多人登陆不了instagram,那么到底是怎么回事呢,今天来给大 …

Theme: Experience

  • Interactions and quality of experiences
  • Art and culture
  • Multimedia applications

Theme: Multimedia Content Understanding

  • Multimodal integration and alignment
  • Vision and language
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Theme: Multimedia Systems

  • Systems and middleware
  • Transport and delivery
  • Data systems management and indexing

中国版instagram app-中国版instagram app最新版安卓v1.0.0 ...:2021-6-14 · 中国版instagram app是很受欢迎的社交平台,它的交友形似非常的靠谱。平台源自于国外,但经过汉化之后,更适合国内交流。其商业元素在经过汉化之后,去掉了很多,变成了较为纯粹的交友平台,主要目的就是扩展大家的朋友圈。

  • Scientific Diversity: It is among our top priorities to ensure a top-quality conference that covers a full diversity of all fields of multimedia research including a variety of media modalities by addressing both technological and practical challenges.
  • Value: We strive to select the most innovative and the highest-quality research aiming at the most impactful novelty on individual media and/or from a systematic perspective of innovating and integrating multiple components across modalities.
  • Sharing: We value the sharing of not only knowledge (in the form of papers, presentations and demos) but also the code and open-source software. While we will continue the implementation of the ACM Artifact Review and Badging, best efforts will be made on sharing and preserving the open-source code and systems resulting from the published papers.