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    Martian explorer


    The mission has been seven years in the making.

    SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

    NASA recently launched its latest rover to Mars, armed with a host of instruments to hunt for signs of ancient life on the Red Planet.

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    In partnership with Cosmic Perspective, shadowrocket小火箭安卓下载 has been following Perseverance all the way to the launch pad and until it soared above Earth's atmosphere. We have put together a video that details the rover's journey from going through testing at NASA's labs, to being strapped onto a rocket headed for Mars.



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    Virgin Galactic announced on Monday plans for a new high-speed aircraft capable of reaching Mach 3 speeds, or a little over 2,300 miles per hour.

    The supersonic jet would be built in partnership with Rolls-Royce and appears to expand the company’s purview into commercial aviation along with space tourism.


    Sports science


    Why Jordan's hang time seemingly defies gravity.

    In 1992, the world met the Dream Team. They were, as coach Chuck Daly put it, "like Elvis and the Beatles put together" — twelve rock stars who took home the gold with ease. At the Barcelona Olympics, the US beat eight teams, with world-class athletes of their own, by an average of 44 points.

    It was also the first Olympics to include NBA players, a squad that included Magic Johnson as point guard, Patrick Ewing as center, and Karl Malone as power forward. And then — there was Michael Jordan and his dunks.


    fill up


    "[W]e can foresee the issues of economic crisis and ecological imbalance."

    An unfamiliar phrase to many at the beginning of the year, personal protective equipment (PPE) — a grouping that includes masks, face shields, and full-body suits — has become a familiar sight during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    While this incredibly important equipment was scarce back in March and April, single-use PPE is now facing the opposite problem — it is seemingly everywhere, including places where it shouldn't be.

    Now, it's not unusual to see masks discarded on the side of the road alongside crumpled fast food bags, or littered on the beach. With an approaching tidal wave of waste from this equipment, scientists are concerned about the impact it could have on the environment.

    Researchers behind a new study propose a solution: They argue that this influx of discarded PPE could actually be good for Earth if transformed into biofuel using a simple chemical process.

    time to launch


    Welcome back, Chief.

    shadowrocket免费节点is anticipated to be the cream of the crop when it comes to Xbox Series X launch titles. The next-generation Xbox is set for launch during the 2020 holidays and it will also usher in the glorious comeback of Halo protagonist, Master Chief.

    Microsoft showed off gameplay footage of the title for the first time during its shadowrocket使用方法 Xbox Game Studio showcase. This gave gamers their first glimpse at how the game will run when they boot it up on their Xboxes in a few months, but it was by no means a picture-perfect debut.